Great Britain Captains Named

The four Great Britain Tag Rugby captains who will each lead out their teams at the 2018 Tag World Cup have today been named.

Great Britain will be represented at the 2018 Tag World Cup in four divisions; Men’s Seniors, Men’s Open, Women’s Seniors and Mixed Open. The Tag World Cup takes place at Coffs Harbour, Australia from 1st-4th November 2018.

Men’s Seniors


“In a word I’m honoured,” said Lombardo.

“Tag has provided me with so many long-lasting friendships, I even met my wife playing tag, and we now have a beautiful baby girl.

“Being able to give back to the tag community that has provided me with so much is something pretty special, not to mention the group of lads I have the pleasure of leading out, some pretty rough heads about the place, but I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of fellas to run out onto a tag pitch with.

“I’m 5ft not much, but I’ve got a pretty eager presence on a tag pitch. I don’t mind having a bit of a yarn, so I guess this allows me to talk to the ref when I’m out there, legally. Apart from bringing the average height down, and the average age up, having started tag back in 1998, I think I bring experience to a squad where the average player has little more than three or four years under their belt.

“Having played with and against each other for a while now we are a tight knit group of lads. We’ve shared success and tasted defeat, and I guess it’s those loses that bring us closer together as a group. We’re a hardworking team committed to success. Driven from the top down, our coaches (Kimbo and Cliff) set the bar high and we are constantly pushing each other to work harder and become better players.”

“We need to ensure that as a squad we are all pulling in the same direction, whilst at the same time understanding what our individual roles are within the group, and how those roles can contribute to the greater success of the team.”

Men’s Open


“It’s a huge honour and one that came as a complete surprise,” said Powell.

“When I was asked to captain the side I remember having an instant explosion of pride and it hasn’t really subsided yet. I just can’t wait to get there and show everyone what we’re about.

“I’d like to think that my drive to win on the pitch and friendly approachable nature off the field fits in well with the personalities in the team. If the team feel they can turn to me both on and off the pitch, I’ll have done a half decent job.

“We need to continue building on the environment we created in Ireland; Players trusted each other, they worked hard for each other and they actually enjoyed themselves. With a team that strive to be the best, enjoyment can sometimes be forgotten and replaced by frustration.

“As a team we’ve worked really hard on channelling that energy in a positive manner, something that really came to the fore in our final game against Ireland. If we can to continue to play in an environment where players have the freedom to express themselves and have a team of mates who will pick them up when it’s not perfect, we’ll be a very tough nut to crack come November.”

Women’s Seniors


“It means a great deal to me, it’s a huge honour and not one I take lightly,” said Robins.

“I think I bring experience, a good understanding of the game and a calm head, not much rattles me in high pressure situations.

“The girls are immense, they are passionate, hardworking, supportive and motivating, dedicated and resilient. It has become a tight nit playing group and all the hard work is really starting to show on the field.

“We need to focus on just us, and not the occasion or other teams and continue to build on, improve and execute everything we have been practising for the last six months to be our best come kick off.”


Mixed Open

“It’s obviously a real honour, and it came as a real surprise,” said Hillier.

“I was delighted just to be selected but this added responsibility will make the whole World Cup experience even more special. I am lucky to be surrounded by other very experienced players who have helped support me and build a really strong team leadership group.

“Communication is probably my biggest strength, so I think (and hope!) that helps provide guidance to my teammates, both on and off the field. I believe my style is very honest and uncomplicated, which helps me communicate with clarity in high pressure situations. I’ll also be able to bring my experience and learning from previous lacrosse World Cups with Team England, which has certainly helped in allowing me to maintain a calm temperament in high stress scenarios.

“Our team is a really dedicated, determined and ambitious group of competitors, who each bring a unique and valuable skill-set, which together forms a very powerful team.

“The BitMEX British & Irish cup really helped to sharpen the focus on what our priorities should be as we move closer towards the World Cup. We must aim to keep our unforced errors to an absolute minimum, both at an individual and team level. This, along with an increased level of discipline in maintaining the game plan, will help us construct a more complete, and consistent, 40-minute performance.”

Steve Devonshire