BitMEX British & Irish Cup preview


The BitMEX British & Irish Cup will take place on Sunday 9th September at Gormanston Park, Co. Meath, Ireland. 

The 2018 BitMEX British & Irish Cup sees the four Great Britain World Cup squads come together to face their Irish counterparts for the fifth time in six years.

Saturday will see warm up games for the squads, while Sunday's games will count for the BitMEX British & Irish Cup with the Men's Open, Mixed Open, Men's Seniors and Women's Seniors squads competing. 


Andrew Davis, head coach

"The Men’s squad has many new faces this year so I have broken the campaign into three sections. The first gave the boys the chance to prove they had the ability, skill level and hunger to play at the highest level and we chose our squad from there. We are in the second section at present where we are finding our best combinations, executing new moves and learning to play to a particular style.
"Playing numerous games over a short amount of days will reflect exactly how the World Cup will be played out. We will learn as a squad how to prepare for each game, warm down after, relax, enjoy the atmosphere and go again. The coaches will be able to see who can back up game after game and when and how to use our reserves. This series will allow us to rotate our players and to test them at a level some have never played at before."

Ben Geraghty, Ciaran Poynter, Dante O'Reilly, Flo Hodgson-Tuck, George Fox-Edwards, George Montagu, Harry Young, James Baron, James Dyer, James Gibson, Kirby Roper, Michael Booth, Nick De Jonge, Nick Wilkes, Peter Ainsley, Rex Jude, Sam Read, Sam Winter, Tom Stone, Will Powell.

Ollie Greenhill, head coach

“Training and preparation has gone well, there are lots of new faces so a big part of training has been familiarising everyone with the style of play. Once we’ve got these basics together, we can start to push on with more tactical work.
"As we’ve seen from previous British & Irish Cup encounters, we’ll be facing a very strong Irish team. This is the first competitive international games for many of the players in the Great Britain squad, so it will provide great experience to get them up to speed.
"I expect a very tough three game series with the Irish which will give us plenty to focus on through to the World Cup."

Alana Hutton, Annie Hillier, Claire Mcateer, Dan Ampaw, Dave Wilkinson, Eden Confino, Ellen Mcguinnes, Emily Clews, Florrie Hyde, Hafa Karim, Hannah Wilson, Jake Dunley, Mel Steer, Michael Berry, Ollie Greenhill, Samara Lawrence, Simon Welbirg, Tamara Schai, Tom Entwistle, Zack Akil.

Kim Parkinson, head coach

"The lads are excited and ready for the challenge the Irish will bring. We expect the Irish to play a fast-paced game, so the squads been working extremely hard on fitness and conditioning.
"Ideally, we want to see the guys with quality game time under their belts, we will watch and learn how each player reacts in different situations and particularly how they react under pressure.

"We will use the two days to fine tune a few of our plays and to determine if we’ve made the right decisions in our positional choices."

Adric Mason, Alex Sadgrove, Arron Lombardo, Ben Payne, Brad Aird, Dan O'Brien, Gareth Roach, Jason Beare, Johnny Berrill, Mark Batty, Matt Whitaker, Phill Browne, Rhys Davies, Rob Burroughs, Ronan Farrell, Ross Goodman, Steve Jermyn, Steve Leary, Steven MacDermott, Tom Zirbel.

Murray Wilson, head coach

"The commitment the team has shown and the attitude our players have taken towards training has been outstanding. We have come an enormous distance since the start of the campaign. I cannot thank the players enough for the level of buy-in across the board.
"The buzz at training recently has been off the charts. To say that we’re excited for the trip to Dublin wouldn’t be anywhere close.
"As a squad, we’re big believers in spending time together. Every player will tell you that where we’ve spent any extended time together as a squad, whether at training or on a team social, it’s all value added. We’ve taken huge learning from the few games we’ve had against other GB squads in the build-up.
"This weekend is massive in terms of gaining insight into how the World Cup will feel both physically and mentally for us as a team. Six matches over two days against international competition will be an invaluable experience and help us to learn what works well and where we need to improve in the coming weeks."

Aine Cribbin, Alice Tozzi, Caoimhe McNamara, Caroline Henzell, Charlotte Towerton, Davinia Murray, Eleanore Richardson, Emily Stone, Grace Brown, Kat Draper, Katie Hendon, Kirsty Clarke, Lois Lau, Phoebe Robins, Rachael Joy, Rachel Parmeter, Sam Bedford, Sarah Jackson, Sarah Jones, Sina Mario.

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